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Lines of Work

Stories of Jobs and Resistance

Edited by Scott Nikolas Nappalos

Half our waking hours are spent on the job, consuming the lion's share of our time. Our years are woven with stories of work told around the dinner table, breakroom, and bars. Yet these stories are rarely put into print, investigated, or seen as they should be; as part of workers' activity to understand and change their lot under capitalism.

LINES OF WORK offers a rare look at life and social relationships viewed from the cubicle, cash register, hospital, factory, and job site. Drawn from the writings of Recomposition, an online project of worker radicals, the text brings together organizers from a handful of countries sharing their experiences with the trouble of working and fighting back.

Rather than professional writers or activists, the authors are workers reflecting on their experiences, aspirations, and how to improve our situation. Through storytelling, they draw out the lessons of workplace woes, offering new paths and perspectives for social change and a new world.

Date of publication: 2013

32 stories by 21 authors!

ISBN 978-1-926878-13-3
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Speaking Stories of Toil and Struggle: an Introduction Scott Nikolas Nappalos
Holding the line: informal pace setting in the workplace Juan Conatz
Fighting and Firings Phinneas Gage
“Ok, which exit is it?” Erik Forman
Credit Crunched Anonymous
Cake Monica Kostas
Working for the revolution? David Mueler
Working at Artistry Madaline Dreyfus
Pissing Blood: Work Sucks Abbey Volcano
Like Robins are to Spring Grace Parker
No eres una loba Scott Nikolas Nappalos
Ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver Invisible Man
Green Onions Invisible Man
The Work and the Job Dan Knutson
Sexual Harassment Grace Parker
What Do You Do For a Living Frank Edgewick
Buying into the Bullshit Natalie
Caring: A labour of stolen time JOMO
Swept Under The Rug and Left for Dead Lou Rinaldi
Occupy Everything for Everyone Nate Hawthorne
Playing for keeps Madaline Dreyfus
Coping with Clopening Liberte Locke
And I am still sleepy Al Tucker
Off the Clock J. Rogue
Work Dreams Scott Nikolas Nappalos
Reflections on Dream Baking and Sleep Deprivation Besherelle et la Lutte
Even My Dreams These Days Have Work-Related Scenes Lou Rinaldi
Good Morning Sweetheart Nate Hawthorne
Alarm Clock Invisible Man
Let me sleep on it Phineas Gage
Bathrooms Gayge Operaista
Who Dismisses the Teacher? P. Barbanegra
‘Bout to Explode Juan Conatz