Kontrrazvedka cover

in the 20th Century

by V. V. Damier

Anarcho-syndicalism, a theory and practice of working class revolution, was developed not by scholars working in libraries but by the workers themselves. The anarcho-syndicalist movement of the 20th century extended to all the industrialized countries of the world and even agricultural regions. This was not a fringe phenomenon but involved millions of workers.

Mainstream labour unions and social-democratic parties have become increasingly powerless to protect the gains of workers. In this situation, anarcho-syndicalism – the revolutionary, non-authoritarian alternative to reformism – is once again on the agenda. This critical study of anarcho-syndicalism in the last century reveals a history of struggle which has often been neglected but holds many valuable lessons for the present.

MakhnoVadim Damier, Dr. historiae habil., is a “leading scientific research worker” in the Institute for General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and has participated in the social, ecological, and syndicalist movements in Russia since the end of the 1980’s. He is the author of dozens of scientific and political books and articles, including a magisterial study of the international anarcho-syndicalist movement between the World Wars.

244 pp. including index of names.

English translation by Malcolm Archibald of the 2001 Russian edition, augmented by new material provided by the author.

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